Tailored to You

A quality tailor speaks the language of the fabric, molding it into a desirable item and making the wearer feel a connection with the cloth, like it is an extension of himself. Tailoring is an art form and the tailor an artist, turning a simple suit, shirt or pant into a sculpted, elegant masterpiece. Although made specifically for the wearer, the tailor still adds his signature touch to each garment, a unique style that carries through each product he touches.

Nikos Custom Tailoring and Design provides expert tailoring and alteration services as well as custom designs in Yorkville, an exclusive section of Toronto. Our professional workmanship is of the highest quality and performed by a European Master Tailor with over 30 years of experience.


Bespoke, the ultimate garment, handmade to the customer's precise specifications, physical characteristics, high degree of customization details that allows the buyer to be in complete control over the fabric used, the features, the fit, and the way the garment is made.


Our custom design service guarantees a perfect fit no matter what your body shape or proportions. Our skills ensure the garment flatters your body type and highlights your best features.


Made to Measure

The fit of made-to-measure garments are superior to standard items as they are constructed to fit your exact measurements. A base pattern is altered to match your body type for a perfect fit.



Our master tailor can convert older style garments into the latest fashion fittings and styles. Remodel your old clothes to reflect your own unique look, style and design.


We specialize in all alteration services for men and women including leather work, remodeling and relining. Our superior craftsmanship ensures your clothes fit properly.

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