Fashionably Elegant Garments

Nikos Custom Tailoring and Design in Yorkville offers exquisite jacket and blazer tailoring services.


A jacket is a mid-length garment for the upper body, generally lighter, tighter-fitting and fashionably elegant. Originally known in France as “jaquette,” a lightweight tunic.

Single-breasted jackets have two or three buttons and one or four buttons are unusual, except that dinner jackets (“black tie”) often have only one button.

Double-breasted jackets have only half their outer buttons functional, as the second row is for display only, forcing them to come in pairs.


Cut more casually, a blazer is generally distinguished with gold or silver buttons, the cloth is usually more durable.

Blazers are worn with a wide variety of other clothes, ranging from a dress shirt and necktie to an open-necked polo shirt, even to just a plain t-shirt. They are seen with trousers of all colors and fabrics, from the classic white cotton or linen to grey flannel to brown or beige chinos and also jeans.

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